Hair Transplant Growth Timeline

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Hair Growth Phases After Hair Transplant

Consider the fact that everyone is different, and you can’t know exactly what will happen with 100% accuracy. Here’s what to anticipate:

The healing process takes 10-14 days

The healing process will begin. You will be given step-by-step instructions. The scabs from your extraction punctures will start to fall off at the end of the week. The hair in the donor region will thrive nicely. Dr Mehmet Demircioglu will check back with you on Whatsapp frequently throughout this period to ensure that things are proceeding as expected. Dr Demircioglu gives his personal phone number to his operated patients at the end of the operation day and follows their post-surgery procedure personally.

Shedding or "Dormant Shock" Period: 0-4 Months

The most challenging part of having a hair transplant is that your new hair does not grow for the first three to four months. Your transplanted follicles will shed anywhere from four to five days to three weeks after surgery. If you got your procedure done at Diamond Hair Clinic, you shouldn’t be concerned since Dr Demircioglu gives his patients an after-operation speech beforehand to prepare them for this time period.

Dormant shock, depending on the location, might persist longer or end sooner. The crown is generally kept in dormant shock for the longest time, whereas the hairline develops first. If you’ve had surgery on your hairline, it’s conceivable that it will grow within only two months.

Slow-Growth Period: 4-8 Months

This is when things start to heat up. By the middle of Month 5, your hair will begin to grow around the middle. It might be fine and curly at first. Because different follicles will still be in multiple phases of their development, your transplant regions may appear patchy at this time. If you didn’t expect such wiry-looking hair, you might be shocked by it. Knowing what to anticipate can make all the difference.

Real Growth Period: 8-12 Months:

This is when most people become anxious. You can anticipate significant growth after the eighth month. Your hair will fill in nicely, and you’ll notice a significant difference in your appearance. It’s a happy time for many people because they’re comparing their new photographs to their former ones.

Maturity Period: 12-18 Months

These stunning outcomes generally represent only 50% of the expected hair growth, with entire growth being achieved after 1.5 years or up to 24 months. In this stage, things are a little more subtle. The transplanted hair will get thicker and reach the rate of typical hair over time, growing 1.5-2 cm each month.

We hope that we have shed light on what you may anticipate from a hair transplant. We are confident in the excellence of our surgeon and staff because we consistently get excellent outcomes. You should be patient for anywhere from four to five months before seeing any significant outcomes from your hair transplant, and you might expect eight months for those results to look good. However, setting unrealistic expectations can easily ruin any attempt. This is why patient education is so crucial to us and why the greatest compliment a reviewer can give us is “it went exactly as planned.”