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Sex After Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are considered minor procedures because they require only little incisions. Nonetheless, you need to protect your scalp and hair follicles during the recovery period. If not, you may damage your hair follicles, and they may not survive and not grow. Not only avoid sex in this recovery period, but you must also have to avoid smoking, alcohol and heavy exercises to take good care of your scalp.

It would be healthier for you to avoid any sort of sexual activity during the first part of your hair transplant surgery’s recovery period. Your blood flow is the key reason for that. When you are in a sexual relationship, your blood pressure will naturally rise. It may lead to bleeding and infections if it goes unchecked. After surgery, you should avoid doing a sexual activity for at least 10 days. The implanted hair follicles will be stabilized in the tissue after the 10th day, and having sex will not be able to influence them or make them fall. Avoid touching or scratching the transplanted hair. Also, alert your partner not to touch the operation area on your scalp.

That is one of the most frequently asked questions, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on the truth.

After medical intervention, everyone will advise you to refrain from any physically taxing activities for a while. Patients should avoid activities that make them short of breath for seven days before surgery. Cardiovascular exercise and sexual activity are two examples of activities within this category. Avoiding these things might be a strategy to prevent a problem and any associated problems with your hair transplant. The success of a hair transplant operation depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are helpful before the procedure, while others are good after the surgery. It’s all about efficacy in terms of the patient after surgery.

If you want to get the most out of surgery, you must follow the directions carefully. We’ve gone over everything, from the advantages of avoiding sexual relations throughout the healing period to when it’s okay to return to normal activities. 

sex after hair transplant

Why Is Sexual Activity Prohibited After Hair Transplant?

Sweating is normal during sexual activity since you move around, similar to working out. It might damage the delicate hair follicles attempting to adhere to the scalp due to this motion. As a result, patients must avoid sex as strenuous activity. The hormones are secreted during sexual activity, raising human blood pressure. That is, you may have bleeding problems that limit your recovery and jeopardise the overall success of your operation. Furthermore, to heal scarring and micro-wounds, you need protein and other nutrients in your blood; therefore, avoiding sexual activity is advised since it can cause protein loss, which might slow the healing process.

sex after hair transplant

How Long Will It Take to Have Sex After Hair Transplant?

After hair transplant surgery, sexual activity can damage some newly implanted hair grafts due to high blood pressure caused on the scalp. It can also affect healing at the donor site. It’s better not to have sex for ten days following hair transplant surgery.

sex after hair transplant

Is Masturbation Permitted After a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Having masturbation after hair transplantation is one of the subjects that hair transplant patients are curious about, though it does not come up too much. Here, topics like not having excessive blood pressure, not having any risk of accident, not sweating are critical and risk factors in natural sexual relations. Masturbation is a less tiring activity for the body than sex. Because of these points, masturbation can be considered safer after hair transplantation than sex.