Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey


Hair transplant in Turkey has a lot to offer, especially with the rise in hair transplants using the FUE technique. Turkey is not only a desirable location for a holiday, it is also an up and coming preferred destination for hair restoration procedures.

Established on seven hills and geographically located on two continents, Istanbul is the only city of its kind. At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, travelling for a hair transplant in Turkey is convenient and affordable. Turkey is located in one of the richest regions of the world historically and geographically and is rated a top touristic destination for foreign visitors both during the hot summer and temperate winter months. For this reason, hair transplant Turkey is appealing to everyone, especially for visiting patients, as recuperation time is minimal allowing opportunities for sightseeing.

Aside from its historical and cultural riches, Turkey’s level of development in the field of healthcare presently ranks among the ten most favoured countries across the globe with health indicators reaching levels that compare to high-income group countries despite its general position as an upper-middle-income country. When patients choose hair transplant Turkey, especially Diamond Hair Clinic, they will witness that health and sanitary regulations are comparable to clinics and hospitals in European countries and America.

Health or medical tourism, the variety of tourism that enables healthcare establishments to grow either with the purpose of advancing the physical health of people who travel to hot springs or other health centres for treatment or through the use of the international patient potential with those in need of cosmetic surgery operations such as hair transplants, organ transplants, physical therapy, rehabilitation etc. has grown tremendously in Turkey. It is as a result of trends such as this, that hair transplant Turkey has increased over the last ten years. Private and public hospitals have been built with cutting-edge facilities and technical equipment that by no means lag behind hospitals in western countries. As a result, hair transplant Turkey offers European-standard services with modern structures, a trained and well-educated labour force, doctors who are experts in their fields, technological infrastructure and an accumulation of experience that is unmatched both from a price/value perspective as well as a quality perspective. When it comes to FUE hair transplant Turkey, lower cost, coupled with short two-day stays allow patients to easily partake in tourist activities.

Choosing hair transplant Turkey as a foreigner pose concerns and questions. With many clinics to choose from, as a patient, there are many factors to consider. Common concerns patients may have when deciding upon hair transplant in Turkey could be: communication (not knowing the native language of the country), sanitation of the clinic (especially if the patient has not travelled abroad before), the medical team (the doctor and his assistants along with their results), and hair transplant costs. At Diamond Hair Clinic a preferred destination for hair transplant Turkey, we offer the assistance of native speakers from many countries including the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy, but of course, not limited to these. Our medical director, Dr Mehmet Demircioğlu and the majority of his staff also speak and understand English. From the moment our patients exit the baggage claims area of the airport, they are met and accompanied by one of our drivers, who will transfer them to the Diamond Hair Clinic. Prior to their arrival, photos of the driver assigned to them will also be sent to the patient for easy recognition. Once the patient and driver rendezvous at the airport, the patient coordinator at Diamond Hair Clinic will be notified by phone, and any questions or concerns the patient might have will be addressed by the coordinator.

Patients not having travelled to Turkey prior to booking hair transplant Turkey, may be concerned about the sanitary conditions of clinics outside their countries. At Diamond Hair Clinic the sanitary standards of hair transplant Turkey are above and beyond what is expected from the National Ministry of Health. Diamond Hair Clinic’s self-imposed sanitary criteria are equal to that of the top hospitals and clinics in America and Europe and a special team is assigned to guarantee the cleanliness and sterilization of not only the operating rooms but also the entire surgical centre. When exploring amongst the variety of hair transplant Turkey physicians and clinics, it is vital to evaluate the doctor for experience, reputation, results and knowledge in the hair transplant sector. Diamond Hair Clinic’s Dr Mehmet Demircioğlu is world-renowned for hair transplant Turkey and for his results and the care that he provides to his patients. Using his refined artistic ability to contour facial features and bone structure, Dr Mehmet also considers the donor capacity and future potential for loss of hair that was discussed during a live consultation. Dr Mehmet Demircioglu also determines if the patient is a suitable or non-suitable candidate for a hair transplant surgery during his live consultation.

At Diamond Hair Clinic hair transplant Turkey, hair transplant costs are the same not don’t change with graft number.  Prices at Diamond Hair Clinic hair transplant Turkey are based on individual graft counts. In addition to the cost of the surgery based on graft count, there is a mandatory medical package that must be purchased by patients that includes laboratory testing and medication. Airport transfers between the airport, hotel and surgical centre are including package price. Diamond Hair Clinic patients are staying three nights at the five-star Elit World Istanbul Hotel on Taksim and package including this hotel accommodation. From the consultation to the post-operative wash (both done on the surgical centre premises), every detail and concern is taken into consideration and each and every precaution is implemented.

Additionally, and most recently, the Turkish government has recognized the growth of the medical tourism sector by establishing regulations concerning legal remedies for foreign citizens in cases of malpractice. When considering hair restoration, hair transplant Turkey is deemed to be a safe and desirable destination.