Hair Transplant Price in Turkey

How Turkey became the top hair transplant destination for the USA and European peoples?

Turkey has become the leading country for hair transplant operations, especially for the USA and European peoples. In 2021 alone,  the size of the Hair Transplant industry reached $3 billion in Turkey. There are a lot of people pouring to Turkey from all over the world for Hair Transplant operations and the USA and Europe are one of the biggest markets for Hair Transplant clinics in Turkey

Here is why:

1000’s of Successful Operations from the USA to Turkey

Due to the influx of Americans and European peoples visiting Turkey for hair transplant procedure in recent years, there are already a lot of people sharing their experiences and referring more people to visit Turkey for hair transplant. You can read some of the comments of the patients visiting Diamond Hair Clinic from the US, Canada, European Countries below and learn about their experience with Diamond Hair Clinic.

Better Prices, All Inclusive Packages, No Surprise Bills

You know exactly how much you are going to pay thanks to our transparent pricing system. Our full package price is including 3 days of hotel accommodation, transfers from/to airport and medicine. The only thing you need to do is buying your flight ticket to Istanbul.

In the US or European Contries, the same procedure may have a range of cost between $15.000 and $25.000. However, it is almost impossible to learn how much an operation will cost even roughly before having the operation in US hospitals. So, instead of getting lost in complicated insurance protocols and  hospital pricing system of the US and worrying about the possibility of an overpriced bill, you can be sure about the amount you are going to pay in Turkey and enjoy your trip.

Advanced Operation Technologies in Turkey

Diamond Hair Clinic prefers Sapphire FUE (Micro Motor Powered Follicular Unit Extraction), the recent state of the art technology in HT. 

Sapphire FUE is a safe, reliable and non-surgical minor procedure without any risk and we have 10 years of experience with Sapphire FUE.

Most Hair Transplant clinics in the US and European Countries prefer to transplant hair follicles with FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) procedure instead of FUE. FUT is an outdated procedure in the Hair Transplant sector, and the main disadvantages of this method are linear scarring in the donor area and a longer recovery period.

Last but not least, Turkey is one of the countries that have the highest number of JCI accredited hospitals. Also, our clinic is located in JCI accredited hospital which ensures high-quality standards.

Cheap Flights to Turkey

Also, flight tickets to Turkey are quite reasonable, especially when booked early. Why is this so? Shortly, the government financial aid to airlines is forbidden in the US and the EU which creates a big advantage for the Middle East carriers to provide cheaper flights. The average price of a ticket to Istanbul is around $500 if it is booked a few months before the operation date