Mopsuestia (Ancient Greek: Μοψουεστία and Μόψου ἑστία, romanized: Mopsou(h)estia and Μόψου Mopsou; Byzantine Greek: Mamista, Manistra; Arabic: al-Maṣṣīṣah; Armenian: Msis, Mises, Mam(u)estia; Frankish: Mamistra, modern Yakapınar) is an ancient city in Cilicia Campestris on the Pyramus River (now the Ceyhan River) located approximately 20 km (12 mi) east of ancient Antiochia in Cilicia (present-day Adana, southern Turkey). From the city’s harbor, the river is navigable to the Mediterranean Sea, a distance of over 40 km (24 mi).