Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow is a very characteristic part of human face. It is often said that our eyes reveal our emotions and thoughts as they are one of the most important ways we have of expressing ourselves. However, our eyes are not the only means of expressing ourselves, eyebrows also serve a significant social function, as it helps people in expressing themselves to others.

Several reasons such as removing eyebrow from the same area for a long time, some skin diseases, permanent makeup, chemotherapy may cause eyebrow hair loss.

Eyebrow transplantation is required when eyebrows do not grow back in 1-2 years.

Eyebrow transplant operations are performed to restore lost hair on eyebrows.

With an eyebrow operation, people may get back their natural-looking and intensive eyebrows.

Among hair transplantation operations, eyebrow transplantation requires the most attention and care. In FUE eyebrow transplant operations, it is important to provide a natural and realistic looking result. For this, angulation and curvature of transplanted grafts should be natural and a specialist must design eyebrow shape very carefully.

Diamond Hair Clinic eyebrow operations are performed by FUE technique same as other hair transplant operations.

FUE Eyebrow Transplantation

Among hair transplantation operations, eyebrow transplantation requires the most attention and care. In FUE eyebrow transplant operations, it is important to provide a natural and realistic looking result. For this, angulation and curvature of transplanted grafts should be natural and a specialist must design eyebrow shape very carefully.

Diamond Hair Clinic eyebrow operations are performed by FUE technique same as other hair transplant operations.

Stages Eyebrow Transplantation:

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Consultation: Eyebrow shape design is decided during consultation.

Operation: FUE eyebrow transplantation operations are performed under simple local anesthesia. In eyebrow operations performed by Diamond Hair Clinic’s method of FUE, hair grafts are extracted one by one using the thinnest punches with the help of a micro motor and single hair grafts implanted carefully to recipient area. Operation takes 2-3 hours.

Cleaning &PRP: Day after the operation, patients get cleaning and PRP treatment at Clinic.

Who Are The Right Candidates For Eyebrow Transplantation?

Individuals who have partial or full eyebrow loss are good candidates for an eyebrow operation.


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Transplanted hair growth can be observed within 3 months. Full results can be seen in 6-8 months.

Natural and harmonic features of a face are the secret of human beauty, that is why every person looks for a beautiful and attractive face, free of any defects. Eyebrows are considered as one of those aesthetic beauty signs in human face, specially for women, any problem in them like lack of the hair density or empty spots gives them an unnatural outlook, which pushes the person to look for a quick and lasting solution to restore a normal appearance and return to the routine life that may be affected by this kind of problems.

Eyebrow transplant in Turkey is the final solution for this problem, which may appear in the form of a lack of density or very thin or scar tissue leaving empty spots or even the total absence of eyebrows caused by genetic causes or other conditions.

Causes of Eyebrow hair loss that require the transplant operation in Turkey:

  • The most common cause of eyebrow hair loss in women is over-extraction, which causes over time permanent damage to hair follicle, which causes scarring and causes complete loss of hair growth.
  • One of the reasons for the loss of hair eyebrows is the drawing of the eyebrows with a pen where some women paint the eyebrows with a pen and painted to give greater intensity and not remove the effects of coloring causes the loss of eyebrow hair.
  • Natural aging is also another reason. People aged 50 or 60 starts to get thinner hair even in the eyebrow area.

While some patients want to have an eyebrow transplant to enhance their facial features, others are seeking eyebrow restoration for bald brow spots caused by burns and hair loss caused by medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy.

For others, the loss of eyebrow hair may have a genetic cause and the eyebrows are very thin, or there may be empty spots on the eyebrows or even the absence of eyebrows completely. Loss of eyebrow hair may be associated with alopecia and other systemic diseases such as thyroid disorders.All these disorders and problems result to a partial or total loss of hair eyebrows, which prompts the person to think about a radical and final solution, which may find in eyebrow transplant in Turkey.

We have to mention that it is not possible to advise the process of hair transplant eyebrow only after seeing the situation and diagnosed well by the competent medical staff at Diamond Hair Clinic transplant in Istanbul.


There are several characteristics of hair eyebrows, first feature is that the hair comes out of the pores at an angle so sharp that it grows flat on the surface of the skin. This is in contrast to scalp hair where the angle between the hair and scalp is 45 degrees.

The second one is that the hair of the eyebrows grows as individual strings, that each bulb contains only one hair, and other than hair head, where the bulbs in the 2- 3 – 4 hairsThe third is that the eyebrows hair has a very short growth cycle. This means that the eyebrows hair grows only in about four months before it enters rest and falls. In contrast, scalp hair has a life cycle of 3 to 7 years, so scalp hair can grow much longer.

The points we must consider when growing eyebrow hair:

There are two important points to consider when doing eyebrows:

  1. Follow the trend of growth of natural hair during transplant to obtain a natural appearance as the angle of hair growth of eyebrows are different from the angle of hair growth of the scalp and this is an important point to obtain the natural appearance.
  2. Upon transplanting, we must choose the single bulbs to use because as we mentioned that the feature of eyebrow hair is that each bulb gives only one hair and to grant successful eyebrow transplantation, we must take this feature into consideration.

Here are answers and explanations of the questions that may occur in your mind regarding eyebrow transplanting.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to inquire directly.


What is the number of follicles needed for eyebrow transplantation at Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul?

There is no fixed number but the number varies depending on the situation where the number needed to cover scar or vacuum in the eyebrow is different from the number needed to restore the thickness of the eyebrows. In general, eyebrow implants consume 50 to 400 bulbs per eyebrow.

How long the beard transplant operation takes in Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul?

It will take from 3-4 depending on the situation, number of cultivated bulbs and areas to be covered.

What are the steps and stages for eyebrow transplant at Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul?

Eyebrow transplantation at Diamond Hair Clinic is a characterized to be a simple procedure.

  1. Design of the eyebrow, is conducted in accordance with the desire of the customer and with the medical staff at the center of Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul, which is keen to be aesthetically pleasing to the face and looks natural.
  2. The follicles are then taken from the donor area, which is on the back or the side of the head. It is preferable to take the grafts from the area behind the ear where the hair is thin similar to the characteristics of the eyebrow hair using the FUE technique, as in the cultivation of the scalp.
  3. Only single bulbs chosen to be like the nature of the eyebrow hair and then open the channels in the area of eyebrow, which will be cultivated with attention to be at a sharp angle that is like the growth of natural hair.
  4. The ready follicles then transplanted in the receiving areas. Transplanting begins from the nearest area to the nasal then up to the upper part of the eyebrow. Upon completion, a quick confirmation of the shape resulted from the eyebrow transplantation operation has achieved the required coverage and density.

What are the side effects of eyebrow transplantation at Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul?

We mentioned that the process of eyebrow transplantation is a simple operation and thus the side effects are very simple and limited to some of the small crusts surrounding the hair planted and some swelling and redness that appears in the 5 days following the operation and then reduce redness and turn pink color and swelling after 3 days.

What is the fate of the hair transplant in the period after the eyebrow transplantation at Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul?

The transplanted hair will fall after 3 or 4 weeks, which is a normal part of the hair cycle, and then grow again in the fourth month after planting. During the next 6 months, the density of the eyebrows will gradually increase.

When can I return to work and normal life after an eyebrow transplant in Turkey?

The required recovery period after the eyebrow transplantation in Turkey usually ranges from 5-7 days. After 5 days, you can practice your normal life without showing any symptoms or problems that hinder your work.

What is the ideal way to take care of the eyebrows after healing is integrated and the final results emerge?

When hair growth is complete, transplanted hair can never be plucked because this method slows the growth process over time and can give negative results. The most important is cutting the hair follicle, which grows evenly along with the rest of the eyebrow hair. Since grafts come from the scalp, they usually need to be trimmed every two weeks.

How much does it cost the eyebrows hair transplant operation at Diamond Hair Clinic in Istanbul?

The cost starts from 3000 euros and varies according to each case.

What is the ruling on eyebrows?

Many people wonder about the rule of eyebrow transplant and whether there is any legitimate excuse for that.
In fact, the process of hair transplant eyebrows and scalp hair and others fall under the door of the repair of defects of birth or disease has been stated in the decision of the Islamic Fiqh Academy that:

It is permissible to carry out the necessary plastic surgery, which is intended to repair congenital or emergent defects (acquired) from the effects of burns, accidents, diseases and others, including hair transplantation in case of fall, especially for women.