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According to a Harvard Business Review study, 48% of patients say that physician ratings and comments provided by other patients influenced their choice of doctor.

Vivian S. Lee, MD, a senior lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

  • We make decisions that will affect the rest of our lives. Some decisions are small and inconsequential, while others can have a profound and lasting impact. Hair transplantation surgery is one of those life-changing decisions. Reading and analyzing deeply of patient reviews can not be missed while picking a clinic. Many people underestimate the value of genuine reviews and regret making bad clinic choices.
  • In Turkey and other countries, many medical tourism agencies and clinics offer cheap surgery packages. However, technicians or unqualified doctors with little experience often perform these surgeries. That can lead to severe complications and regretful situations that can last a lifetime. Not every person who suffers hair loss is eligible for a hair transplant, and patients should be aware of the associated risks, including necrosis.

Screenshot of An Email That Offers Paid Fake Reviews Service

  • The above screenshot is an email sent to Diamond Hair Clinic mailbox by an agency specializing in writing fake reviews. Many hair transplant clinics, including ours, get such emails almost daily.
  • There is no way to estimate how many clinics work with scammers to get fake reviews written. However, the number of clinics that hire such agencies is quite high.
  • This is not a Turkeyspecific issue, it’s a worldwide problem. The lack of trust due to fake reviews creates a barrier between potential patients and clinics.

Key Takeaways

  • Despite Turkey’s good reputation for medical tourism, there are always bad apples, even in the hair transplant field. For example, one of the most common complaints is that clinics photoshop their result photos to make them fakely better and denser. “Too Good To Be True” sort of hair transplant results must trigger some things in your mind.
  • Illicit hair transplant clinics engage in various fraudulent activities, including producing fake patient testimonials and stealing photographs from other clinicspatients. Always read reviews carefully and look for any warning signals. Reputable hair clinics should be eager to show operated patients before-after photos and feedback.
  • Don’t believe everything you read and see about Turkish hair transplant clinics on the internet. They may be genuine or deceitful. Unfortunately, there are many fake positive and negative reviews on hair transplant forums, internet blogs, and YouTuber videos regarding hair transplant clinics‘ marketing efforts.
  • Remember that the hair restoration business is a multibillion-dollar industry, and a lot of money changes hands every day in the hair loss sector; it’s no wonder there are so many fake reviews. Hiring a team of 5-10 people to produce fake patient reviews almost every day is not so far from the sector, but it is neither ethical nor legal.

Fake Review Writing Team

Why Are Patient Reviews More Important Than Ever For Medical Decisions?

According to a Harvard Business Review study, 48% of patients say that physician ratings and comments provided by other patients influenced their choice. A survey by BrightLocal indicates that 88% of Americans read reviews before visiting a business. In the health sector, those numbers are even higher. A study by Software Advice found that 95% of patients read online reviews before choosing a physician.

What Is The Significance of Patient Reviews for Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey?

  • The numbers don’t lie. The statistics show that patients trust online reviews just as personal recommendations. As the medical tourism industry continues to grow and evolve, it’s more critical for abroad esthetic surgery clinics, such as Turkish Hair Transplant clinics, to keep these statistics in mind and provide the best possible patient experience.
  • In the longterm, there is no possibility in Turkey or another country that a hair transplant clinic can survive in the hair restoration industry without caring for patient reviews and satisfaction. In the short-term, for a few years, staying may be possible with the support of online paid ads and without good reviews, but in the long term surviving without good reviews is unfeasible.

Why Do Hair Transplant Patients Write Reviews?

  1. The main reason is to communicate their experience with potential patients.
  2. Some people might write reviews because they had a positive experience with the hair transplant clinic and want to share their stories to help others find the best doctor and clinic. They want to raise awareness about specific clinics and doctors.
  3. Others might write negative reviews if they were unhappy with their experience and result or felt they didn’t receive good care.
  4. Some patients write positive reviews to receive a discount on future procedures, while others may write negative reviews with the hope of being refunded for their surgery.
  5. In some cases, patients write reviews as a way of providing constructive feedback to the surgical team. They may hope that their comments will help the doctor and staff improve the quality of their work.

How Can Feedback Help Patients Choose A Hair Transplant Surgeon?

  • Getting feedback from previous patients is the best way to get an accurate idea of which hair transplant surgeon you should consider. Surgeons with more positive reviews are typically better than those with mostly negative reviews, but reading both sorts of reviews to get a well-rounded opinion.
  • By looking for patient feedback, you can see how satisfied people are with the surgeon’s work. How well did the surgery turn out? Was the doctor easy to communicate with? Did the doctor answer all of your questions? Was the medical staff friendly and helpful? Do other patients recommend this surgeon?
  • Also, remember that every person is unique, and what works for one patient might not work well for another.

What To Ask A Surgeon About Patient Reviews?

  • It’s suggested that you ask the surgeon how they feel about patient feedback and whether they’re open to hearing it. If a surgeon avoids reading their patientsreviews, this might mean that the surgeon doesn’t care what patients think.
  • Reasonably, you need a surgeon willing to listen to feedback and make changes where necessary; some surgeons are more prone to change their practice based on patient feedback, while others may not be as open-minded.

How To Figure Out If A Hair Transplant Review Is Fake Or Real?

Which Review Platforms Should You Trust When Researching Hair Transplant Clinics?

  • Some popular platforms are Reviews.io, Trustpilot, Provenexpert.com, Google Reviews, Yelp, Trip Advisor Turkey Forum, RealSelf, Quora, Reddit, and HairSite Forum. Those platforms have a community of people who have had hair transplants in Turkey.
  • Google and Yelp reviews are often one of the first places people look when searching for a clinic. Although they are easy to find, they may not be as reliable. Keep in mind that no review platform is %100 trustable in terms of authenticity. Cross-checking reviews across multiple platforms will give you a more holistic overview of the clinic.

Are Google Reviews A Better Indicator For Hair Transplant Clinics?

  • No, Google Reviews can be manipulated easier than other review platforms such as Trustpilot or Reviews.io, or Provenexpert.com. Because in Google reviews, there is no verification process for whether the written review is genuine.
  • Anyone can create a Gmail account and, by using this fake Gmail profile can leave a review for any clinic or company on google reviews. It causes so many fake positive or fake negative reviews. It is hard to identify which ones are real. So we recommend that you should not %100 rely on Google reviews when researching a clinic.

Are Forums Reliable For Hair Transplant Reviews?

  • Hair transplant forums are an excellent way for people to share their experiences and learn from others who have undergone the same surgery if they are used honestly by forum members.
  • The reputation of hair transplant forums is a point of debate. Because there might be so many phony members on discussion boards, those fraudulent people write fake postings to steer real prospective hair transplant patients, but they have never had surgery. They leave positive comments to praise a specific clinic or surgeon who has paid them off or to defame other clinics or surgeons who have not compensated them. Because forums are open to everyone, it isn’t easy to know who’s genuine and who isn’t.

Are Hair Transplant Forums Can Be Utilized As A Blackmail Tool?

  • Sometimes, hair transplant forums are exploited by disappointed patients to demand a refund or a free second surgery from clinics. Those patients often threaten clinics with negative advertisements.
  • Those patients are mostly dissatisfied with their results and seek a method to get their money back. It may be understandable somehow, but blackmail is not an acceptable manner to resolve the issue.
  • When deciding on a clinic and surgeon in Turkey, you can ask in advance whether they have a refund or free touch-up policy if you be unhappy with your final result. Some clinics have these types of policies, and some don’t. However, don’t be discouraged if you see a few negative reviews like that, remember that not every review is accurate.

Is Reddit A Credible Source For Reviews Of Hair Transplant Clinics?

  • Reddit posts are not 100% trustworthy, but it’s better than Google reviews or the vast majority of hair transplant forums because most hair transplant forums are dominated by forum administrators and clinicssurgeons who sponsored those admins in the background.
  • To summarize Reddit’s structure, there are numerous subreddits run by the subreddit’s administrators. Those admins in charge of those communities have power, such as the ability to delete certain posts in the subreddit.
  • First, check if the subreddit has a free speech to ascertain whether you can trust Reddit reviews. If it does, the posts are more likely to be reliable.
  • The best way to determine the authenticity of a subreddit’s posts is to spend some time in the subreddit, observing the new posts, especially negative ones, and how the community and admins react to them.
  • Generally, bigger subreddits with more than 10,000 members allow for greater freedom of expression. However, there are some smaller subreddits that admins may tightly control due to commercial interests (e.g., specific clinics or surgeons).

How to Analyze Hair Transplant Reviews?

  • With the advent of online review platforms, anyone can easily filter and read testimonials about a particular surgeon or operating technique so you can make an informative decision without being brainwashed by the clinic’s marketing team.
  • However, not all reviews should be believed. Like any other industry, there will always be some bad apples who try to ruin things for everyone else by writing dishonestly negative or positive reviews. That’s why it’s important to read reviews from multiple sources before making a final decision.

How To Determine Whether A Hair Transplant Review Is Real or Fake?

It is important to distinguish between real and fake reviews. Some people write fraudulent reviews of clinics to promote them or discredit them. It can be very frustrating for people trying to make an informed decision about surgery.

There are some ways to spot a review that is real or fake;

  1. Mentioning other hair transplant clinics or doctors by name in a review may indicate that the review is not real.
  2. Pay attention to the language used. If the review is rife with grammatical and spelling mistakes, appears excessively positive or negative, or is not credible, it’s probably fake.
  3. Wording quite similar to other clinic reviews could also indicate that the review is not real.
  4. Look for details about the reviewer’s testimonial if the text is limited and lacks details, highly likely penned by a person who has been bribed to do so.
  5. A real review commonly has a beginning, middle, and conclusion parts. Thus, if a review is composed of a few sentences or a little paragraph, it might not be trustworthy.
  6. Glowing reviews with one small negative detail are probably fabricated reviews.
  7. A review with too much technical hair transplant jargon is likely fake and might be penned by the clinic itself.
  8. An honest review usually includes information such as how many grafts were implanted, what the surgeon was like, the operation technique, and how they felt after the procedure.
  9. If there are many reviews on a particular date, particularly if they’re separated by lengthy periods, they’re almost certainly manufactured reviews.
  10. If a lot of positive reviews appear within a little time range after a negative review, it is a high possibility that the positive reviews were produced by the clinic to dilute the negative review.
  11. Check the date of the review. It may be irrelevant if it’s more than five years old.
  12. Most people perceive things in shades of gray, but fake reviewers have strong opinions about a hair restoration clinic or surgeon that are either all excellent or all terrible.
  13. Take a look at the emotional structure of a review, as this might indicate its realness. Exaggerated sentimental language is often used in fake reviews to evoke an emotional response from the reader.

We now know what makes consumers suspicious, but how big is the problem of fake reviews in the first place? How many people can confidently say they’ve seen one or more fake reviews?


  • Hair transplant reviews may be deceptive, and some may be fraudulent or prejudiced. However, they are worth reading since there are many genuine testimonies.
  • Hair transplant results vary from person to person, so it is indispensable to look at multiple reviews before deciding.
  • Always ask to see pictures of hair transplants before and after surgery.
  • Make sure you know the potential risks associated with hair transplant surgery.
  • Understand that hair transplant surgery is not a quick or easy surgery.
  • Hair transplant surgery can be a life-changing decision for hair loss patients, so ensure you are comfortable with the risks before proceeding.
  • Hair transplant reviews can be helpful but should not be the only factor in your decision-making process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Find Out A Reputable Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

It is critical to select a qualified hair transplant surgeon who has an ethical viewpoint and can give consistent outcomes when choosing one. A good clinic will only allow its surgeons to work on one patient a day to minimize the risk of complications. They will also have a professional and experienced team who can support the surgeon throughout the procedure. Furthermore, a good clinic will take an ethical approach to hair transplants, only using donor hair from a safe donor zone.

Why Are Some Hair Transplant Reviews So Negative?

Negative reviews may be received because the patient was dissatisfied with the consequences of their operation. Others may be negative due to a poor clinic experience, such as being overcharged or not receiving the expected care.

Some negative reviews can also be phony, meaning that they were authored by someone who isn’t connected with the clinic. It’s critical to read reviews skeptically and contact the clinic if you have any queries.

How Many Hair Transplant Reviews Are Enough For A Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey?

It’s not an easy question to answer. The quality of the reviews is more significant than the quantity. A clinic may have a lot of five-star evaluations. Still, if they’re all from the same person or sources that cannot be verified, they won’t be as valuable as ten five-star evaluations from reputable sources.

So, when looking at reviews, pay attention to who is writing them. Do they come from verified patients? Do they have experience with the procedure? Are they recommending the clinic based on personal experience or just repeating what they’ve read elsewhere? These are the things that will help you determine.

Do Hair Transplant Patient Reviews Affect The Price of Turkish Hair Clinics?

Many factors could influence the cost, such as the location of the clinic, the experience of the surgeon, and the type of procedure that is being performed. However, it’s fair to say that a good reputation can benefit clinics, which may be reflected in the price they charge for their services.

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