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Diamond Hair Clinic & Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu

The international hair transplant industry has been booming last ten years. It was estimated to be worth around $2 billion in Turkey and is projected to grow even further in the coming years. A large part of this growth can be attributed to an increase in demand from abroad, as patients from all over the world flock to Turkey in search of affordable hair transplants.

Turkey offers many highly reputable clinics and surgeons experienced in performing hair transplant procedures. Consequently, Istanbul has become the go-to destination for hair transplant patients worldwide. Istanbul Airport is the World’s busiest airport for hair transplant patients. Many hair transplant patients arrive every day to get transplant procedures done in Turkey and depart from the airport with bandaged heads.

What Are The Important Points For Hair Transplant Patients?

  • Be aware of the potential risks of hair transplantation surgery if a professional surgeon and trained team do not perform it. Stay away too good to be true offers! You don’t want to lose your existing hair while desiring more.
  • Turkey is affordable for hair transplants. However, patients must approach exaggerated cheap price offers skeptically. Even in Turkey, no clinic can provide a professional hair transplant surgery without compromising quality for only $2000.

Why Must Not Prefer Mass-Production Clinics?

Unfortunately, the hair transplantation industry has become a way to make quick money in Turkey. In fact, many so-calledhair factories or hair millstake a quantity-over-quality approach, prioritizing patient turnover to maximize profits. While the first rule of medicine is “Primum Non-Nocere” (First, Do No Harm), the reckless approaches of so-called clinics cause regretful results for the patients. That is an utterly inconvenient attitude, not complying with medical ethics. And that has been discrediting Turkish clinics and doctors.

Why Choose Diamond Hair Clinic?

At Diamond Hair Clinic, our philosophy, framed by Dr. Mehmet Demircioglu, is the reverse of this wrong approach to prioritizing patient circulation. We believe in quality over quantity and take the time to ensure each hair transplantation surgery is done with the utmost care and precision. That benefits the patients in the short term with superior results and helps protect the reputation of Turkish clinics and doctors in the longterm.

How Many Patients Undergo Surgery in Diamond Hair Clinic?

One Patient Per Day, Ten Patients Per Month

Dr. Demircioglu’s approach to hair transplant surgery is very qualityoriented. The doctor accepts only one patient per day, and a maximum of ten patients per month, to ensure that he can give each patient the individual attention they deserve. During the surgery, Dr. Demircioglu involves each step, from making incisions at the recipient site to designing a natural-looking hairline with discussing patients.

What Is The Post-Op Follow Policy In Diamond Hair Clinic?

  • We understand that hair transplant patients may feel nervous after the procedure. That is a natural reaction. At this point, Dr. Demircioglu offers his patients a unique post-op follow policy. After the surgery, patients stay in touch with Dr. Demircioglu for 18 months and send monthly headshots to the doctor so the doctor can assess progress. They can ask the doctor directly if they have any questions or concerns.
  • This personalized level of communication with patients distinguishes Dr. Demircioglu from other hair transplant surgeons. By offering this extended post-op follow policy, Dr. Demircioglu wants his patients to feel confident and comfortable, knowing he is there for them every step.

Which Technique Is More Preferred In Diamond Hair Clinic?

  • We proudly offer the latest hair transplant technology with the cutting-edge Sapphire Fue Technique at Diamond Hair Clinic. With the Sapphire Method, our patients can expect more natural-looking results, better density, and a faster post-op healing process.

What Is The All-Inclusive Package at Diamond Hair Clinic?

  • The All-Inclusive Package is a full-service offering for patientsThe package includes the hair transplant procedure with needle-less local anesthesia injections, postsurgical medications (Antibiotic, Painkiller, Prednol), Greft Plus Six Months Hair Care Set ($550 Worth), all transfers between the airport hotel and the clinic, and three nights of hotel accommodation.
  • The package is developed to make the entire journey more accessible for those who travel for hair transplantation surgery. By offering a complete package covering all aspects of the surgery and recovery process, we ensure that patients have everything they need for successful hair transplantation.

How To Begin Your Hair Transplant Journey?

  • The first step is to contact us via Whatsapp or the Contact Us Form on any page. Once we receive your inquiry, the assistant of Dr. Demircioglu will reach out and request photos of your head. The doctor can assess your hair loss with these photos and develop a personalized surgery plan.
  • You’ll then receive an offer outlining the price and details of the proposed surgery. If you’re happy with the offer and wish to proceed, inform us about the date you want to have the procedure and get a confirmation of the date’s availability.
  • Once the clinic is available for the date you demand, book your flights and let us know your travel details. We’ll take care of the rest, including arranging hotel accommodation, transfers, and surgery booking. That‘s all.