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Hair transplantation: Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one part of the body, called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or balding part of the body known as the ‘recipient site’. If you’re considering a hair transplant in Turkey, it’s important to choose a qualified surgeon and reputable clinic. In Turkey, exclusive hair transplant clinics and surgeons have extensive experience with the Fue Hair Transplant Method. This method requires surgical accuracy and sterile working conditions, so it’s important to choose a skilled surgeon and clinic carefully.

At Diamond Hair Clinic, hair transplant surgeries are performed in a private clinic, which is dedicated and designed for esthetic surgeries. We grasp our patients’ stress and worries, and we endeavour to minimize them as much as feasible. Furthermore, all of our technology is cutting-edge and contemporary, with the Sapphire FUE Technique and the finest services available for hair surgery. We understand exactly what we are doing. If you choose to go through with treatment with us, you will benefit from many years of expert knowledge and experience of Dr Mehmet Demircioglu and the Diamond Hair Clinic team in obtaining successful sapphire hair transplant outcomes.

Dr Mehmet Demircioglu, the founder of Diamond Hair Clinic and hair transplant surgeon with ten years of expertise in Hair Restoration, is regarded as one of the world’s best surgeons for this operation. Since 2012, Diamond Hair Clinic has been offering top-tier hair transplantation surgery to many international patients from across the world.

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Hair loss and thinning hair are the most common aesthetic problems amongst men worldwide. For instance, in the United Kingdom, almost seven million men every year suffer from hair loss and seek hair transplant treatments on the internet by search engines like Google, Bing, Duckduckgo and by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other some platforms. In comparison to the United States and Europe, with outstanding affordable surgeries, Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey has become the unique medical tourism topic globally with its well-known surgeons and advanced technologies.

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Hair Clinic Turkey

According to Turkey Ministry of Health’s official figures, on an average day, around 8,000 individuals visit Istanbul for hair transplant operations, seeking life-changing hair restoration. Many American, English, Spanish, French, German, Irish, Dutch, Belgian and other nations hair transplant patients from various clinics can be seen in Istanbul’s most famous streets with forehead bandage. The Daily Mail, a well-known British newspaper, has published several articles about hair transplant surgery in Turkey. Traditional press corporations such as the BBC, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal frequently refer to Turkey as a top destination for high-quality hair transplant surgery with low prices with best dr reviews from patients as a strong alternative of like Bosley Hair Transplant Clinic so expensive clinics.

The doctor design a new hairline for a Fue hair transplant patient

Fue Hair Transplant Turkey

Fue Hair Transplantation is a surgical technique that takes DHT-resistant hair grafts from the donor site and places them in the receiver area. The grafts are taken one by one from the donor site and then transplanted in the recipient region. Most individuals are able to resume their normal activities within 2 to 5 days. Within two to three weeks, the implanted hairs will fall out, but new growth should be visible within a few months. This type of operation is often used to repair hair loss or total baldness where there aren’t enough hairs. FUE hair transplantation is a popular choice for individuals who want natural-looking final result. Unlike other types of hair restoration, fue hair restoration necessitates the use of no plugs or staples and provides minimal scars that are not visible.

Hair Transplant Turkey - Dr.Mehmet Demircioglu & Diamond Hair Clinic

How To Begin Your Hair Transplant Turkey Journey?

Sapphire Hair Transplantation is the most sophisticated surgical technique globally. Sapphire FUE differs from other methods (Classic FUE, DHI, FUT) in that it makes use of a sapphire blade to create micro-channels (incisions) on the site where hair will be transplanted on the recipient. Hair transplant surgeons can only employ this technique if they are skilled in using sapphire blades during incisions. Unfortunately, some hair transplant patients may experience post-operative problems such as the patient’s scalp necrosis, however, with the Sapphire Fue approach, the incidence of these complications is significantly lower than Classic Fue. Because of this fact, it makes this method a useful tool for hair restoration surgeons. Dr Demircioglu is a well-known name in the hair restoration field, where he performs mostly the Sapphire Fue Technique

How Does Hair Transplant Work?
Human hair has ever been a crucial part of the look for both men and women, changing their self-confidence depending on whether they have thick or thin hair strand structure. Nowadays, having dense and good hair is considered one of the main ways of drawing the attention of the opposite gender. Therefore, the baldness problem can cause both a lack of self-confidence in addition to other emotional issues. The treatable sort of hair loss disease is the name of androgenetic type alopecia. Due to technological advancements in surgical tools over the last 5-10 years, pretty natural-looking hair transplant results are possible. Hair transplant surgery includes extracting hair grafts from patients’ donor area (back of the head and back half of the sides) and implanting these extracted hair grafts over the recipient area, where there are no alive hair grafts. You need a hair transplant surgeon with outstanding surgical skills, expertise, and ethical approach, who can help you to achieve the best results you’re searching for.

Which Level of Results Can Be Accomplished with a FUE Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant performed right can provide you with strong results. This means that you’ll have new hair growth before you know it, and enjoy your youthful look once again. But, you should know that you won’t be able to see the results immediately away from the operation. It needs time for your donor and recipient areas to heal from the surgery, as well as new hair growth.
Hair Transplantation Process
Full and healthy hair is an essential feature of beauty that radiates youthfulness and vitality. If it comes to hair loss, it is therefore considered by many affected persons as very stressful. However, there is no reason to be concerned, because modern plastic-aesthetic surgery offers both, for men and women various innovative hair transplant procedures that are as gentle as effective.The quality of hair transplant Turkey is exceptional, and the cost is much more affordable than in other countries. In addition, the hair restoration surgeons in Turkey are highly skilled and use the latest techniques. As a result, many people are choosing to have their hair transplants in Turkey. If you are considering hair transplant surgery, be sure to research the surgeons and clinics in Turkey. You will be impressed by what you find! Today, in the field of hair transplant Turkey has become a very important player in the world. Turkish people have been curious about innovative approaches in terms of beauty both throughout centuries and in contemporary times. There is a long-standing connection between Anatolia and Mesopotamia in this area. The first mention of hair transplantation dates back to the history of Ancient Egypt when it was said that Ramses V, from 1200 BC., used to shave his head for gaining more strength when going into battle. In our era, around the 1950s, Sir Harold Gillies, a famous British plastic surgeon who revolutionized techniques in cosmetic surgery during World War II by using skin grafts from undamaged areas on burn patients to cover burned areas, also played an important role in hair surgery. He used punch grafting, a technique that was later abandoned due to the high incidences of scarring. In the early 1960s, Dr Norman Orentreich, from New York, reintroduced hair restoration to the world with his pioneering work on “donor dominance”. He is considered the father of modern hair transplant surgery. He realized that hair from the back and sides of the scalp was more resistant to balding than hair from other areas. This discovery led to the development of follicular unit extraction (FUE), a technique that is still used today. Dr Orentreich’s work laid the foundation for modern hair surgery. Since then, many surgeons have developed their own techniques, but the basic principles remain the same. If you are considering hair restoration surgery, it is important to find a surgeon who has experience and expertise in the type of surgery you want.

Surgical transplantation of hair follicles (grafts) is a moderately basic outpatient procedure. Hair grafts are placed sensitively in thinning and balding parts of the scalp during the hair transplant procedure. In our clinic, Dr Mehmet Demircioglu and his trained team artistically perform the surgery in a way that results in practically undetectable, natural-looking results and a restored-strengthened hairline. Even in high-level stages of baldness, some active hair follicles might remain as alive. These hair follicles, which are resistant to Dihydrotestosterone and other factors that cause hair loss problem, are concentrated in the head’s back and sides. We call this site the “donor area” for hair restoration surgery.

What is FUE hair transplantation?

FUE is a way of getting follicular units, where individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor region without leaving a linear incision scar on the donor site. In FUE surgery, 0.6mm-0.9mm diameter punches are used to make small circular, unnoticeable incisions on the scalp around the extracted hair grafts from the scalp. Patients may experience inflammation or infection of the hair follicles after the surgery (called folliculitis), but this is usually temporary. There’s also a chance for scarring and unnatural-looking new hair growth, though most of the time these risks are temporary.
Ideal Hairline Design

Designing a natural-looking hairline requires your valuable approval of Dr Mehmet Demircioglu‘s hair restoration plan for your case. The idea of both you and Dr Mehmet Demircioglu are the central guide in tailoring for your new hairline. We aim for a transplanted hairline that appears soft, smooth and natural so that the new hairline doesn’t have to be hidden by hair combed over in the front.

Why is a new hairline design process very crucial in hair transplant?

To provide a natural look of the hair transplant patients, the hairline has to be designed perfectly and naturally combine with the patients face structure. The symmetry, balance, density, shape and location of the new hairline has to be planned accurately. A patient must not come out of the surgery looking worse than came in the clinic.

Which are the essential factors that determine the design of a new hairline?

  • The shape of the face
  • Size of forehead
  • Type and stage of hair loss
  • Age of patient
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Result Expectation of patient
  • How many grafts are required

Critical Points of Designing a Natural Hairline

  1. Hairline Location; Extremely low or high hairlines can cause unnatural operation results. There is a suitable spot on the head to locate a new hairline, and it changes according to the conditions of patients.
  2. Hairline density: To create a natural-looking, the new hairline must be covered with high-density implantation with no noticeable spaces between the implanted hair follicles. 
  3. Soft hairline; Only single hair grafts must be transplanted in the front, followed by double then triple hair grafts.
  4. The direction of hair follicles placement incisions; The angle of placement of extracted grafts should follow the natural hair strands direction of the patient’s. While creating the incisions on the recipient area, the doctor should accurately pretend the hair angle in that region.
  5. Irregular hairline vs straight or curved hairline; A natural-looking hairline is not linear or well curved. A natural hairline is an irregular line, with tiny zigzag waves moving in and out from the hairline depending on the patient’s facial structure. Usually, untrained hair transplant doctors and clinics design a perfectly curved or straight hairline, and it causes the results to come out ridiculously.
  6. Unique Hairline; Each hair transplant patient has a unique hairline design. There is no exact hairline template that is eligible for all patients. There are no geometrical or systematic methods for that; hairline drawing requires an artistic approach. 
Sapphire Hair Transplants

Sapphire hair transplant is surgery performed applying special devices made from the gemstone sapphire mineral through the FUE method, resulting in a better and excellently natural-looking ending. In the Sapphire FUE, each hair grafts are taken by the motorized FUE technique from the donor region one by one before being implanted in the recipient region. The incisions are created on the scalp of the recipient part, and the hair follicles are implanted into these incisions. The improvements in technology help to develop new and more innovative hair transplant techniques. This technique has significantly formed the view of advanced hair transplantation techniques. With the sapphire fue method, you can reach the quality of hair you desire.

Advantages of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
  • The recovery time in the classical old style FUE Technique is around 1 month after the procedure, but in the Sapphire FUE procedure, the scalp heals in one week which is a more faster healing process. 
  • The scars form much lesser when the incisions are made with sapphire blades than other old style techniques (slit blades).
  • The incisions made with Sapphire blade protect exsiting hair follicles better and enhance their efficiency.
  • Hair growth directions become more natural with sapphire FUE.
  • Hair grafts can be implanted more much densely.
  • The productivity of implanted hair grafts is more effective.

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Deciding on the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant is a cutting-edge and long-term solution to hair loss. Instead of using the classic steel razor blade (slit) as in Classic Fue, a pen with a sapphire blade at the top is used to make incisions. Diamond Hair Clinic does not charge extra for the sapphire technique, which ensures that incisions are more accurately made and contributes to a better hair density, faster healing time, and a more natural growth direction. Sapphire Fue is a procedure in which sapphire blades are used instead of steel blades, allowing for more coverage in one session and making it possible for people with advanced hair loss to have a transplant treatment.

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The Process Of A Hair Transplant In Turkey

The Sapphire blades allow for less tumescence, which is a special liquid that prepares the skin from the bone before incisions are made. As a result, fluid retention after surgery will be reduced, making the postoperative period more pleasant for patients. As incisions created for the transplantation process will be smaller, the tissue recovery process will be faster in comparison with using steel blades, but most importantly the bonded skin will have a smooth surface. As a result of opening the incisions at the same length for hair follicles, it is not possible for the hair follicles to become dislodged and their angle alignment to be altered after the transplantation process. At least 70% regrowth of transplanted hair is also a standard success rate for hair transplants defined by ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).
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Hair Transplant Turkey Cost & Diamond Hair Clinic

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is between $3,500-$6,500, but you can have this surgery with an equal quality of service, approximately $20,000 in the US, the UK or most European cities. The average hair transplant cost in Turkey is €3000. It is highly dependent on so many factors for hair transplant, including labour costs that are entirely various in different countries. In Germany and the OECD, the beginning hair transplantation cost is €8,000. Hair Transplantation in Istanbul offers the best end result, best quality and modernity at affordable prices

Fue Hair Transplant Cost Turkey

Every hair transplant patient’s treatment strategy is different, depending on the amount of hair loss, the type of scalp tissue, their age, the donor area availability, and hairline preferences. These factors decide which hair transplant method is most effective for the patient as a whole.

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is determined by a variety of criteria:

● The cost of labour in Turkey

● The expertise and experience of the medical staff

● The number of hair follicles required to cover the balding area

● The surgery technique used

● The effectiveness rate

● Aftercare services are available.

●The government’s incentive program

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Hair Transplant in Turkey All Inclusive Package

The All-Inclusive Full Package is available for patients from foreign countries who are undergoing hair transplant surgery. The All-Inclusive Full Package includes all post-surgical medicines, the hair transplant procedure, a six-month hair care kit (hair vitamins and shampoos) with needle-less local anaesthesia injections and treatment plan, all transfers between airport hotel and the clinic. Three nights in a five star luxury hotel are also included. The package is designed to make the process easier for those who travel for their surgery. 

Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul & Dr Mehmet Demircioglu

Hair Transplant Turkey offers one of the best hair transplant options in the world for FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) surgery. The pretty fair affordable prices, quality of service in its world-class hospitals with the most advanced technology and advanced techniques, quality, and affordable healthcare make Istanbul an excellent option for patients searching for the best fue hair transplant journey plan. As medical tourism in Istanbul is developing very fast across global markets in recent years. Hair transplant in Turkey is also on the list of the best 5 countries in the world for hair transplant procedures.

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What is the cost of the best hair transplant Turkey?

We will organize everything for you, the only thing you need to take care of is to book the flight. The experienced hair transplant surgeon Dr Mehmet Demircioglu will treat you in a trustful and professional manner. Before the treatment begins, the expert will take time answer to all your questions. Once you feel completely safe and ready to do the hair transplant in Turkey, the surgery will be done. Do not hesitate, there aren’t many available appointments left.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey Reviews

Hair Transplant Turkey Before and After Results
Our team will help you to get through the procedure from the very first contact until the follow-up stage. Diamond Hair Clinic offers affordable and top-notch quality hair transplant procedures in Turkey. In this respect, the clinic is the most Elite Clinic in Istanbul. The clinic is located in the private plastic surgery clinic in order to ensure that all patient is able to get the permanent results that they desire.
The doctor makes incisions by Sapphire Fue for a hair transplant patient from U.S

Hair Transplantation Turkey - Istanbul

Diamond Hair Clinic collaborates with the renowned specialist in hair transplants Dr Mehmet Demircioglu who ranks among the best surgeons in the field of hair transplantations. Dr Mehmet Demircioglu is one of the first doctors from Turkey and Europe who used the Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant. Dr Mehmet Demircioglu is an active member of the World Fue Institute, the world’s most prominent international society of Fue Hair Restoration Surgery. The whole medical team has the necessary experience, competence and passion for their work.

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Deciding on the Best Hair Transplant Turkey
If you’re considering a hair transplant, it’s important to choose a qualified surgeon and reputable clinic. In Turkey, exclusive hair transplant clinics and experienced surgeons have extensive experience with the Fue Hair Transplant Method. This method requires surgical accuracy and sterile working conditions, so it’s important to choose a skilled surgeon and clinic carefully.

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews

At Diamond Hair Clinic, we provide cutting-edge procedures in hair transplantation to give you the best hair transplant result in Turkey as feasible. We are always delighted to share previous patients feedback since their experience with us demonstrates why we are the best hair transplantation clinic in Turkey. There are two independent review platforms’ URL links at the bottom of the page, and By clicking the links, you can discover what our operated patients think about the clinic and Dr Mehmet Demircioglu.

Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey Reviews

When it comes to hair transplant in Turkey, it’s important to read reviews so you can get firsthand information about the procedure and what final results you could anticipate. We suggest obtaining as much information as possible about how hair transplantation is done, the surgical procedure itself, the risks, side effects, and final results before making a decision so that you can make an informed selection.

Which Is the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in the World?

There is no such thing as the world’s best hair transplant clinic. There has never been one. There are several hair transplant clinics throughout the world, including in Turkey. But which is the finest? It might be difficult to choose since each clinic would claim to be the greatest. If you want optimal results, you should pick the greatest clinic for your situation because every hair transplantation scenario is different and necessitates distinct abilities.

You can try to look at various factors that would help you decide which clinic is the best. One of the most important factors is the experience of the surgeon. You should pick a clinic whose surgeons have performed many successful surgeries. Another factor to consider is the cost of the surgery. The price should be reasonable and affordable. Additionally, you should look at the clinic’s facilities and its reputation and reviews. Ultimately, the decision of which clinic is the best for you is up to you. Do your research and make an informed decision.

How Much Is a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

On average, hair transplants in Turkey cost $3,500 – $6,500. In Turkey, the cost of hair transplantation is considerably less than compared to the United States and Europe. While prices vary from clinic to clinic, overall hair transplants are affordable in Turkey.

What Qualifications Should Hair Transplant Surgeons in Turkey Have?

The hair transplant surgeon should hold a hair transplant membership from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) or the World Fue Institute (WFI). A membership from one of those organisations indicates that the hair transplant surgeon has many years of hair transplant surgery experience and has a reliable and ethical approach approved by the organisation. Diamond Hair Clinic’s hair transplant surgeon Dr Mehmet Demircioglu is a member of the World Fue Institute.

There are hair transplant discussion boards and review platforms to read verified reviews and look for Turkish hair restoration surgeons and clinics. Another method to locate Turkish hair restoration clinics is to use a search engine like Google, Bing, or social media. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey can also be discovered via patient comments on hair loss websites. For example, you can type the following into a search engine: “hair transplant Turkey“, “hair transplant Turkey cost“, “hair transplant Turkey reviews” etc.

FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair Transplant surgeries are one of the most popular procedures in the beauty-cosmetic industry. Human hair plays a vital role in facial beauty, and many people decide to transplant hair after losing a serious amount of hair. Surgery is one of the safest methods for resolving the hair loss problem. Hair transplant is possible in many different countries, but amongst all those options, Turkey is the leader. This popularity for Turkey is not only about hair transplant; it is also about other kinds of beauty surgeries. The safety of hair transplantations in Turkey has two main factors: first of all, it is regarding the surgery; the second point is concerning the place you will have the surgery. It is a pretty stressful situation when you decided to have surgery, particularly when you have to travel abroad for it, but surprisingly, this sort of surgery is different from others. Hair transplantation procedures are safe operations themselves, safety means the potential side effects are always can be kept under control, and nothing negative will happen to you after having this surgery. Nevertheless, it is crucial to perform it excellently, which is possible in Turkey. Is Turkey safe for medical tourists? Definitely yes. So, is there any problem waiting for you in Turkey? No, because currently, Turkey is one of the safest locations in the world. Against all the safety problems happening in every country in these years, Turkey has not struggled with any safety threats for the last 6-7 years.

The price of a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is between $3500 – $6,500, but you can have this surgery with an equal quality of service approximately $20,000 in the US, the UK or most European countries. In addition that, the full package is designed for you, medical tourists. The Full Package includes; All after operation medications, hair transplant procedure, after operation six months hair care kit (hair vitamins and shampoos) needle-less local anesthesia injection, all transfers between airport hotel and the clinic, three-nights five stars luxury hotel accommodation.

At the bottom of the homepage, there are two reviews platforms’ and links; by these links, you can read Diamond Hair Clinic operated patients reviews.

Airport-Hotel, Hotel-Clinic transfers, 3 (three) days five-star luxury hotel accommodation as breakfast included, blood tests, hair transplant operation, after operation medications (antibiotic, painkiller, prednol), Graft Plus Six Months Hair Care Kit (Hair Vitamin, Shampoos), neck pillow, two days later operation the first wash and control process in the clinic.

Hair transplant operation price depends on many different factors. Please contact us and send your head photos to get Dr Mehmet Demircioglu’s assessment regarding the operation plan and get the price offer. 


  1. Please contact us by WhatsApp and send us your photos taken head photos as we demanded.
  2. Wait for Dr Mehmet Demircioglu’s assessment (operation plan) about your possible hair transplant operation. 
  3. Please inform us about the date you want to have the procedure.
  4. Confirm with the clinic availability of the demanded date.
  5. Once the clinic is available for the date, you can buy flight tickets and send us the flight ticket details to book your operation.
  6. We will make the whole organization (operation, hotel, transportation) and confirm all pre-operational information and information.

After the operation, all patients have direct contact with Dr Mehmet Demircioglu and the doctor demands regularly taken photos for 18 months. This direct follow-up process between the doctor and patient is part of Diamond Hair Clinic’ and Dr Mehmet Demircioglu’s VIP approach to hair restoration.

In any surgery, including hair transplant operation, there is side effects possibility. These possible side effects are redness, bleeding, oedema (swelling) around the forehead, inflammation and all of them are manageable.

According to implanted hair grafts amount, operation time might vary but averagely that last 8 – 10 hour.

Yes, on operation day, just before beginning the operation we will shave your whole head to perform operation sterile.

A hair transplant surgery is completely painless due to local anesthesia injection. You might feel a little bit of post-operative pain in the donor area and recipient area, but that’s a temporary situation.
In post-operation medications as a tablet and during the operation by serum, we provide you with painkiller medication.

Turkey is undoubtedly the most suited country on the planet for a hair transplant. There are different countries where you can also get a high-quality hair transplant, although they are much more costly. That is precisely why medical tourism for esthetic surgeries in Turkey is expanding rapidly. Turkey has shifted the top address for patients looking to get a top-quality hair transplant at a pretty reasonable price. The medical esthetic surgeries performed in Turkey are praised as some of the best. Compared to European countries and the US, the affordable medical operations make Turkey a popular to get a hair transplant. Accredited and very well-equipped Hospitals with the most advanced technology, quality, and world-class hair transplant surgeons.